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Bodied Recuperation Spa

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Three delicious meals and snacks

Enjoy daily authentic meals per day 

Remember, surgery is an amazing opportunity for us to restart our body and module it to our liking. We will focus on creating delicious and healthy meals to start you on your new eating habits. Three healthy meals, two light snacks and one smoothie will be made and served daily for you. It is up to YOU to maintain and enhance your results. In your questionnaire you will have an option to name some of your favorite foods. We are here to help you, let us give you a head start. Every week there will be a schedule posted for the meals of the week. Happy eating!!!

Meal and snack schedule:

7:30 am      Breakfast

10:30 am    Healthy snack

1:30 pm      Lunch

3:30 pm      Healthy Snack

7:30 pm      Dinner

You are more than welcome to order food or grab your own food outside. Please take your health into consideration when making the decision to go out. Also, keep in mind you that have invested a lot of time, money and pain into this journey. Try and keep your eating habits as clean as possible.

Fresh juices

Made from organic island fruits and vegetables

Let us Pamper you! Nothing like a fresh, delicious, non-preserved juice in the middle of the day to boost up your energy and healing while you relax and indulge in these tasty treats. We will use the most efficient fruits to help avoid inflammation and infection.

Medication Distribution

Right on time

With so much pain and added stress this journey comes with, it can be difficult remembering to take your medications at a precise time. Don't worry about prescription names and the language barrier. Our nurse will help you take care of this task for your peace of mind.

Lymphatic Massages

Start your healing process correctly

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This is a method used for post-liposuction care. It improves the patient's comfort, helps shorten your healing time, and decreases post-operative visits to the surgeon. Electro Lymphatic Drainage is a modern technique that reduces the degree of inflammation, pain, bruising and convalescence time. It promotes the clearing of tissue as it relates to the lymphatic system. It also incorporates therapeutic healing with outstanding effectiveness and versatility.


After your procedure you should expect swelling, bruising, tenderness. These are the results of persistent blood-tinged tumescent anesthetic solution trapped under the skin after liposuction, and injury to subcutaneous lymphatic capillaries caused by the liposuction procedure. Lymphatic capillaries are small vessels that drain fluid away from injured body tissues. This temporary injury to lymphatic capillaries after liposuction cannot be avoided, and will happen. However, with proper post-surgery care it will diminish and vanish. The technique known as "open drainage" diminishes the swelling and speeds recovery after tumescent liposuction.

Swelling occurs right after liposuction during the healing process. That's why we should not compare results until nearly 6 months after surgery. There will always be some swelling after surgery, even after the 6 month period. Taking the right steps will greatly reduce the amount of swelling and discomfort you will have. 


Reach your destination in a safe manner

To assure safe and convenient travels, we have a driver of our trust for all of your traveling needs. Choose from airport pick up, airport drop off, or simply clinical transport for your follow up appointments.

Save yourself a headache and money by purchasing all three services.

Medical Appointment Scheduling

Included with your consultation services

If you opt to use our consultation services, we will take care of booking all your appointments. This includes Pre-op, surgery and post ops visits. Since we have DIRECT contact with your surgeons, we will also schedule any other unforeseen appointments you might need. Count on us for all your surgery needs, you wont have to lift a finger.